Insight Core Downloads

Applications & Utilities

Insight Core Configuration Utility

This Microsoft Windows application installs on your computer, enabling setup of wireless and wired connection, as well as uploading firmware upgrades to the Insight Core module.

Network Connectivity Survey Form

Use this survey to determine how your organization will connect Insight Core devices to your company network/Internet.

Firmware for 14-pin Module

14-pin Firmware:

Revision 1.31b

Firmware for ArcAgent for Insight Core

ArcAgent for Insight Core Firmware

Firmware package for ArcAgent for Insight core:

Firmware for Axcess Module

Axcess Firmware:

Revision 1.31b

Help Documents

Analytics Tools Help

Analytics Tools Help Document

Operator Help

Main pdf document for Operator documentation.

  • Insight Core Operator ID How to (2 - 7/18/2016 4:26:11 PM): Guide on how to use the Operator ID feature within Insight Core. Contains step by step instructions, including a system requirements portion informing you on whether or not your system needs to be updated in order to use Operator ID.

Threshold Help

Threshold tools help document